The Island of Misfit Girls

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Weaving together the sacred, the pragmatic, the feminist and the sublime this collection, including award-winning and Pushcart-nominated stories, will inspire the reader’s attention and earn admiration for Waters’ deft prose. Epiphany, a Palo Alto Weekly fiction winner, is the story of divine visitation only a fifteen-year-old girl can notice. Sanctuary and The Watertower, a Pushcart and Dzanc nominated story tell tales of the mysteries of young love and The Causes of Saints, a storySouth honorable mention explores the intersection of mysticism, prophecy and mental instability. Vocation and The Friendship According to Ruth give two riveting views of the bonds of female friendship. The Island of Misfit Girls gives the reader a place to enjoy the beauty and the majesty of the Catholic faith through the eyes of a modern skeptic.

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