The Angels’ Share

Book Club Discussion Questions

1. The structure of the novel weaves back and forth in time. How would a chronologically told version have been a different reading experience?

2. Who was your favorite character? Who was the character you despised the most?

3. If you could have coffee with any character which one would you choose and what would the conversation involve?

4. What was your favorite scene in the novel?

5. Did you foresee the historical connection between Eduardo and Cinnamon?

6. Did you think Sam’s generosity was selfless or creepy?

7. Did you have trouble believing that a recovering meth addict could find meaningful work at a winery and stay on the sober path?

8. Were you hopeful at the end of the story? What chance would you give Cinnamon of living her best life going forward?

9. Did the story satisfy your curiosity? What else did you want to know?

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